#United has gone into damage control mode this past week since a paying passenger was violently dragged from the Plane, suffering a broken nose, a concussion and two lost teeth.

A middle aged doctor gets beaten and removed

How this can possibly happen to a middle-aged doctor, who has places he needs to get to, is beyond most people's comprehension. But the thing with ruthless #profit maximization is that it eats into other elements such as customer rights and sheer morality.

And this is where we find ourselves in the year 2017.

#United Airlines is aware that it has lost the faith of many of its customers, and so it announced on Thursday that it would create a new check-in process that gives flyers an opportunity to give up their seats in exchange for some sort of reparation.

And with this, another welcome change was announced: on Friday those who give up their seats have a new maximum cap of $10,000 to work with. The cap used to be $1350.

That would have meant that the doctor who was asked to get off the United flight would have been offered an amount of money closer to perhaps $5000 or even $8,000 even though the #airline said that cases where it gave out the maximum cap would be rare. Hopefully not as rare as those instances where customers are forced to leave the plane and lose two teeth and suffer broken bones in the process.