President Donald Trump has made no secret of the fact, that he likes to be number one. He will even go so far as to challenge irrefutable truth and replace it with alternative facts so that he seems to come out on top. He insisted that he had a larger turnout on election day than Barack Obama. When shown photo's that proved Obama had a larger crowd, the president said the pictures were doctored, by the press.

The Donald insisted that there were over 3,000 illegal votes cast on election day. And said they all went to Hillary Clinton. This was his attitude because even though he won the election, Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote.

Time and time again, our 45th Commander in chief inflates, distorts and even lies, so that he appears to be number one. There is, however, one situation which he will not challenge. And that is being the top world leader.

CNN documentary indicates that Putin reigns supreme

CNN recently ran a documentary entitled, "Vladimir Putin the most powerful man in the world". For several weeks they advertised this program. Their add showed a cocky Putin, walking with swagger as if he knows that he reigns supreme. I had always heard that the president of the United States was the most powerful man in the world. After researching this on the Internet, I found that Barack Obama lost that position to Putin, in 2014.

CNN, based on their research and interviews stated that not only is Putin the most powerful man on the earth, but he may even be the richest, surpassing Bill Gates. President Trump likes to be number one and has an extremely competitive attitude. He is a billionaire and also leader of the free world. You would think that this would be the issue that Donald Trump would challenge.

But he has remained silent.

Americans need to know why Donald Trump backs down from Vladimir Putin

How is it that a man who will question crowd size and registered voters, shows no interest in insisting that he is the most powerful and the richest man in the world? Just think about this for a moment. Our president was not satisfied that he won the electoral college and the Oval Office.

Donald Trump was so vain, that he had to find a way to stop Americans from speaking the truth; that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. He could not settle for simply being elected. he had to have it all.

Back to the CNN documentary. Each time the ad ran, I just knew that President Trump was seething. I imagined that some of Putin's swagger was aimed at rubbing it into the Donald. I expected President Trump to take to Twitter, to solidify his perceived position as being the top world leader. He did not.

I waited for the president to talk about his billions and insist that he was the richest man or at least the most wealthy world leader. Again he did not. This is so totally out of character for our POTUS. Even his supporters, who love his bragging ways should be wondering why he is not up for this one challenge.

If the Russians are not blackmailing President Trump, something surely is amiss. It's just not like The Donald to skip an opportunity to make himself larger than life. Something is going on, and Americans need to know why our president continues to back down from Vladimir Putin.