Trump in the White House is a reality that natIons and the international community are struggling to grasp. For one thing, trump's overtly nationalism which is an American virtue is seen as a vice from other countries who see the US as a supposed global father of nations. Another thing is his deafening boldness that violates his supposed diplomatic courtesy especially as the POTUS, for he would never be reluctant to air his mind, however rattling such comments would be to international relations.

Will Trump still attend the NATO summit in Brussels?

The latest coming from Trump was his accusation of allies in Europe of not paying enough for the heavy-dollar defense the US was offering them. Such comments had raised doubts as to if the incumbent US president will feature in the Nato Summit slated to hold in Brussels in May. Just some days ago when the US President met Angel Merkel, the German Chancellor in the White House. Trump in his characteristic bluntness wouldn't drown his grudges in hospitality, rather accusing Germany and allies of owing the US "vast sums of money from past years." Such statements were consequently debunked by officials in Germany. Thus it was pretty reassuring to worried skins in NATO when the White House confirmed that the American leader will still make the journey to Brussels for the arranged NATO summit.

Statements coming from senior officials of the serving administration indicated a "strong commitment" on the part of Trump to the NATO.

Senior White House officials reassure the US President will be present

Reassurance from Sean Spicer who is the press secretary of the White House revealed optimism on the part of Trump towards the meeting as the latter "looks forward to meeting with his NATO counterparts to reaffirm our strong commitment to NATO." Sean Spicer also indicated that it was on the mind of Donald Trump to "discuss issues critical to the alliance, especially allied responsibility-sharing and NATO’s role in the fight against terrorism." Complementing Trump's faithfulness to the NATO, spokesman of the State Department Mark Toner said "The United States remains 100% committed to NATO.

President Trump said this in his very first address to a joint session of Congress. He said our commitment to NATO is unwavering and it remains so."

Surely this is reassuring

Wel,l this calms the aroused nerves of the international community as the U.S. is one tree the world wouldn't want the defiant US leader to make a forest on its own. Strategic alliances yet must be win-win as all parties must munch a good fair slice from any deal.