The unfortunate events in North Korea and Syria are an indication the UN Security Council has failed to maintain international peace and security. The UN Security Council has become a defunct body that should be repealed and replaced. This is apparently true judging by the indifferences witnessed on a number of world issues including the inability to impose stringent sanctions on rogue states that continue to violate human rights.

North Korea launches missiles

On Monday this week, North Korea launched four ballistic missiles that effectively landed 620 miles within Japan's territory.

Instead of China reprimanding North Korea for an act of aggression, the Chinese authorities blamed it on the US military continued military drills with South Korea. The US government has conducted military operations with South Korea for more than two decades which have infuriated the rogue state.

The differences within the UN Security Council permanent members have resulted in Russia and China to misuse their veto power. The move has frustrated the passing of any meaningful resolutions that could effectively end the war in Syria or curb proliferation of nukes technology. Furthermore, China and Russia have remained numb on Pyongyang's missile program despite being her greatest trade partners.

Russia and China sabotaging Security Council

Despite previous UN sanctions imposed the secretive state has advanced her nuclear program. The attempts to impose more sanctions on junta regime have been sabotaged by Russia and China. Experts believe Pyongyang is seeking to develop highly devastating long range missiles that could hit oversea cities.

In a statement released by US state department, acting spokesman Mark Toner condemned the Monday ballistic missile launch stating the move contravened the UN Security Council resolution barring North Korea from advancing her ballistic missile technology. North Korea has been on the nuclear launching spree in the recent days.

The war of word between the US and China on who should blame for the failure of North Korea’s nuclear negotiations that could stop the proliferation of outlawed ballistic missiles technology is unwarranted. The UN Security Council has failed to initiate talks that could halt the development and persistent launch of missiles by North Korea.