I'm getting a sneaking feeling. That's a feeling that grows unobtrusively and only sometimes rises up to remind you that you may be right. What if the Donald is going to be here forever? Eight years would be forever for sure. Two months seems like forever. Based on that weird premise I have composed the following:

I want to inform the President that three of his basic premises are dead -- coal, health care, and jobs -- are wrong and inform him of how each can be corrected. All this is free of charge. I don't even seek a tweet in acknowledgment. My first is from Tom Matzzie, written today on Facebook.

It's a text piece that says, basically that Trump can't fight the falling costs of renewable energy solutions.

Trump's energy premise

Mr. Matzzie says that the money now sunk into coal is not productive and that the likelihood is that investors will bow to the regulation of carbon as time goes by. Thus the premise that we will somehow solve our economic problems by going heavy for Coal are a pipe dream and everyone in energy knows it.

Costs rule everything

As Mr. Matzzie suggests, costs will rule the future. It is also for this reason that one can surmise that both automobiles and separated single family homes are on the chopping block, merely because they cost too much. We are on a precipice between what we dreamed of in the past and what we might dream of now.

Now the fissure is almost nonexistent so we can walk forward without fear. But it will get wider and wider. To be on the wrong side is to end up going over the cliff.

On to premises two and three: healthcare and jobs

There is one consolation for Mr. Trump as Trumpcare fades into the netherworld of bad ideas. It is that Obamacare is also doomed.

The answer has been here all along. It is called single payer. In essence single payer means that the state pays for health care. It will come to pass whenever the costs of anything else make it mandatory.

Jobs conundrum

There are so many questions and problems related to work that Trump's repeated Jobs! meme is almost an insult. Let it merely be said that everything is up for grabs and eyes on the past will get you only one place -- farther from reality.