President trump continues playing to the gallery. He addressed combatants on board the latest US carrier Gerald Ford and outlined his ideas. He continued on his pet theme of making America strong. He forgot that America is the most powerful military power in the world. With a fleet of 10 aircraft carriers that is more than the total of all aircraft carriers in the world operated by other navies, the US power is awesome. He has announced plans to increase the force to 12 carriers. He has promised to make the US Navy the greatest fighting force with a fleet of 350 ships.

This is way below the 6000 ship fleet the US Navy operated in World War II.

All the statements of Donald must be taken with a pinch of salt. The seniormost commander of the Navy has stated the US Navy remains the best in the world. So when Donald says that the US is slipping is not true. Perhaps he makes these statements to bolster his standing in his constituency.

Budget increase

Donald has also proposed a 10% increase in the military budget. The hawks like McCain want the allocation to be greater. The US already has an impressive armed force, and these gentlemen do not explain how the increase will further add to US power.

War and Donald

Donald made one statement which rings true. He has stated that the US is fighting wars but not winning.

He also goes on to add that either the US don't fight or if they fight they must win. This is true as in living memory the US does not seem to have won any war.The only war which the US won was in Iraq, but it was a pyrrhic war as Iraq is in the grip of a terrible conflict.

Donald and his generals will impress the average American with talk of making America the greatest power.

The fact is America already has a great war machine.

Last word

The address on the carrier Gerald Ford was great He landed with his secretary Defense General Mattis. But Donald forgot one significant fact that the main element in the success of a mission is the man behind the wheel. The US army had almost become desperate in Vietnam and Afghanistan are nowhere close to winning. The battle against ISIS has not led to its decimation. By building more ships and more weapons how is Donald going to ensure a victory.