Donald trump busted many a popular myth as he stormed the presidency. This was something not expected as 90% of the Gallup polls had forecast a defeat for him. But the man stunned all because he enjoyed a modicum of support among Americans. Many were simply rapturous at his rhetoric against Muslims, ISIS, Hispanics and they loved his refrain" make America great". The press has again been repeatedly publishing that Donald has the lowest approval ratings of any president in US history. After the poll fiasco, one is apt to take this information with a pinch of salt.

Donald set the charts afire with a fighting speech to his supporters in Florida. It was vintage Donald as he castigated the press for " Fake News". he also compared himself to the greats of American history like Jefferson, Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and the mass of listeners loved it.

Donald and the crowd

The president spoke to a crowd that clearly consisted of his core supporters and they loved his approach. They were in raptures when he asked one of his supporters to come on the dais. This showed that Donald was very much in control and the master of the game. One of his supporters tweeted

Master showman

This shows the impact Donald created in that speech.

The crowd was rapturous. In a speech lasting over an hour, Donald proved he is a great showman and the TV reality star made a tremendous impact on his supporters. The fact is that despite the so-called lowest approval rating the support base of Donald among the US populace is intact. They are happy with him and approve his executive action to bar Muslim from 7 states from entering the USA as well his order for the construction of the border wall.

The future

Donald's rhetoric against the press took a new color as he quoted a famous US president against it. He repeatedly referred to its contribution as fake News. This is a clever ploy as in case he fails he can again blame the failure on the press. Donald's speech with Air Force 1 in the background was a showman event and something that Donald loves. He is an expressive speaker and vibes with the listeners. It will be interesting to watch how he tackles the problems of the USA further.