Disgraced attorney general #Jeff Sessions said late Wednesday that he “never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign.” But now we are all doubting his words, and wondering where the line of truth versus fiction lies.

Only a month ago, Michael Flynn resigned as the national security advisor after it was discovered that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about a conversation with Mr. Kislyak, the Russian ambassador also referenced as the Russian contact that Sessions talked to.

What is it with Republicans and their lies?

Imagine how the Republicans would react if they learned that #Hillary Clinton had been communicating with the Russians and then lied about it... it would be a complete showdown, a witch hunt and a scandal.

Instead, trump has said that the Obama administration is guilty of hyping the #Russia theories to discredit his new administration. And now the White House are telling us that Jeff Sessions is not guilty, and should not step down from his role.

“There’s nothing to recuse himself,” White House #press secretary Sean Spicer announced to Fox News late on Thursday morning. “He was 100 percent straight with the committee." He then said that people who are choosing to play partisan politics should be ashamed. Which sounds a little like the whole country and the press is being gas lighted once again by the Trump administration.