The scandal of the #Trump administration and the Russians is really a scandal encompassing the whole of the Republican party.

With the denial that #Russia had any contact with Trump associates, and with the denial that Pence's private email use was nothing like Hillary Clinton's – (it was exactly the same, Pence's may even have been worse since he was discussing important issues of immigration) – there has been no clarity from the Republican Party on their missteps in the past few months.

We all direct our anger to Donald Trump, but he is just another suit making loud noises and reading the speeches that his team writes for him.

He is supported and directed, however, by a party that is starting to resemble the Republicans in the #Watergate crisis.

In the 1972 crisis, there were intruders and torches. In the recent 2016 campaign mess, it was secret online passwords and hackers. Both cases imparted the same objective – to discover and distribute #injurious political intelligence. In 1972, orders came high, unbelievably, up from The American president. In 2016, if we are to accept the intel from 17 US intelligence agencies, the orders came (even more unbelievably) from another country and president – Russia's Vladimir Putin.

These are troubled times and complex issues. The best the Republican party can do is admit that they are starting to stand on the #Wrong Side of history, since history always reveals the truth. After all, the well-known maxim “it’s never the crime, it’s always the cover-up” was born in the Watergate years.