An issue that had remained dormant for long has surfaced. Maybe it has something to do with the victory of Donald Trump. Extremist organizations like the KKK and other white supremacist organizations have become emboldened. This has resulted in the targeting of the Jewish community in the USA. There are approximately 5 million Jews in the USA and they are feeling insecure. During the last 2 weeks, 3 Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized. The latest cemetery vandalized is located in Rochefort, New York.

Anti-semitic acts

The upsurge in anti-semitic acts is perhaps due to the coming to power of Donald Trump.

He got the ball rolling by not mentioning the massacre of the Jews by Hitler during the Holocaust. As is well known 6 million Jews were killed in the greatest act of genocide in the world. One wonders how this was not mentioned in the White House message.

The anti-Jew feeling is basically an urban and white race phenomena. One cannot pinpoint the reason for this but white Christians all over the world have a bias toward the Jews. History records many acts of discrimination against the Jews in Europe and America. Now there is an anti-Jew wave in the Middle East as well.

Threats against Jews

Threats against the Jews in America have gone up, but as yet no direct violence has taken place. But in case the government does not act this hate campaign has all the ingredients for a flare up.

It just requires a match to light the flame. Premier Netanyahu, during a visit to the USA said that in Donald they have a man who is the greatest friend of the Jews. One must take this with a pinch of salt. One wonders whether the Israeli PM himself believes in it.

In the USA Jewish schools and homes are being targeted with graffiti and subtle messages.

This has alarmed the Jews. Donald did well to talk of tolerance during his address to Congres. Unfortunately, the damage is done, as during the election campaign his comments created a feeling that he is pro-white. No wonder his greatest support is among non-graduate whites.