Whenever anyone says Donald Trump never should have been elected president, his supporters become agitated. They are so pro Trump that they cannot see the forest for the trees. There are serious reasons why Donald Trump should never have been elected as the 45th President of the United States. They all boil down to one main ingredient. President Trump is not very presidential. The aspects of his character that caused him to win, are the very characteristics that make him so dangerous.

The need for career politicians

Those who support number 45, said they were tired of career politicians.

They wanted a new sheriff in town who would shake things up. I had people tell me they wanted the POTUS to kick out all the bureaucrats, and start with a clean slate. That in itself is dangerous.

The United States of America has a system of checks and balances. We have three tiers of legislative government, that keep each other checked and in balance. This nation cannot be run properly with a rogue chief of staff, running rampant and not following the rules. Career politicians have been in the system and understand how it works. They are well versed in the laws, the art of diplomacy and how to deal with foreign leaders, and world crisis.

An Uncultured Swine in office

To put it mildly, Donald Trump is running rampant like an uncultured swine.

As I watch him insult, and alienate world leaders, disrespect long time politicians, and make decisions that baffle the mind, I realize he simply does not understand the system. Mr. Trump is operating like a bull in a china shop, who is leaving much damage everywhere he goes. You cannot play the game, if you do not know the rules.

And never having held a public office, our POTUS does not know the rules.

Our president has refused to benefit from the experience of his predecessors. He is not making use of the experience of those who have long worked on Capital Hill. Mr. Trump has surrounded himself with men and women, who are as clueless as he is when it comes to running the government.

He continues to rant on Twitter like a teenager, and insult everyone who disagrees with him. Donald Trump is a reality TV star/business mogul. He really has no business in the Oval Office.

Trump supporters got what they wished for

Trump supporters desired change from the status quo. They got exactly what they wished for. They wanted a president who would run things differently, and the Donald certainly is doing just that. Let's just hope that something changes before he runs this nation into the ground. The danger of having an un-presidential President In Office is that he is not well versed in diplomacy. Donald Trump insults everyone and makes fun of them on Twitter. That's childish.

Donald Trump is going to continue with the method of operation that has worked well for him in the past, because he knows no other.

If grounds are not found for impeachment, the President is going to so alienate world leaders, that the USA may begin to lose allies. He will continue slashing programs for the poorest Americans, and cause much hardship.

There has always been a divide between conservatives and liberals on Capitol Hill. Now there is also a division within the ranks of Republicans. If the politicians do not come together and become more bipartisan, we are in serious trouble. A house divided against itself cannot stand.