Thursday’s arrest of Israeli-American teen Michael Kaydar, 19-years-old, is feared by some leaders of the Jewish Community to lead to a backlash that will erroneously inspire some to lay claim to denial of the Holocaust which decimated the lives of millions of Jews. To deny or further insult the Jewish community a finger of shame waves at the perpetrators for ignoring one of the most reprehensible periods of history.

While Kaydar, at this point, is accused of issuing over 100 Bomb Threats worldwide, it is still not a proven fact. That’s for starters.

If it turns out that Kaydar is determined to actually have made false threats against the Jewish community, then, shame on him.

Holocaust really happened

Whether Kaydar did as suspected is still never an excuse for anyone to rationalize any effort made to dismiss or diminish the terror, fear, and pain inflicted on people who are Jewish. History reflects that the Holocaust took place.

Doubt can be quite readily laid to rest, though the experience of learning about the horror people felt will be visceral. The following are Ideas to assist in coming to terms with the facts about history and the Holocaust.

  • Read: “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” and “The Diary of Anne Frank”
  • Visit: Museum of Tolerance, Simon Wiesenthal Center, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide
  • Watch: Documentaries featuring Miep Gies

There is no excuse for ignorance when options exist to enlighten and educate.

People should stand beside and with other people who have been targeted and terrorized. The world diverse. Respect and appreciation for others should be expressed in myriad ways – through words, by actions, and by understanding and exuding empathy.

If Kaydar committed the acts, as law enforcement is alleging, then, he also is deserving of understanding how and why.

What’s more: does he need emotional help and support or medical intervention? No one knows at this point. It is unfair to speculate.

Share truth about the Holocaust

Anyone who is human and has a brain is capable of understanding that it is not even tolerance to listen to people who deny the existence of the Holocaust or that more is needed to stop anti-Semitism.

It’s complicit to listen and say nothing to deniers and liars. People who accept that refuse from another are just as guilty as those who tout falsehoods about the Holocaust. Embrace and share the truth.