A groundswell of people is calling on Congress to get rid of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). They are demand that he resign or be repealed and replaced. A great many are beyond displeased with the merits of his job performance as Speaker. They are also disgusted by his confused political posturing.

Jan McMahan, a staunch Republican, isn’t reserved on her Facebook account, stating: Earth has been calling Congress but they never answer anyone hear.

Questioning where Ryan stands

Not only did Ryan not deliver on the much-promised Republican health care act, intended to replace Obamacare, people simply don’t know where he stands as a Republican.

The contingent of Ryan detractors refer to him as a rhino: Republican in name only. He has also been likened to Newton’s cradle balancing balls, named after Sir Isaac Newton, demonstrating energy and momentum by a series of hanging, swinging spheres.

On the plus side, many people see Ryan as likeable, nice, decent, and a good person. While those are all positive attributes, the downside is that many of the same people also view him as a selling out and as a typical politician, lacking the courage and integrity to stand up when needed.

Beliefs about Ryan are not hard to find; they are glaring on the Internet in several discussion forums, throughout social media, and in mainstream press. The talk of Ryan needing to leave the House position voluntarily or be ousted have also spilled to discussions at work and homes, by watercoolers, and at dinner tables.

The fact that so many have not hidden their views, and have actually been quite vocal, and, meanwhile, Ryan remains Speaker, is serving to amplify the agitation level people are feeling and relaying through various outlets.

It has been stated that several members of Congress are connected to the Internet, which most people know was invented by former Vice President Al Gore.

If so many representatives are in-tune and in touch, people want to know why crickets are chirping when talk of booting Ryan is raised.

Ryan's empty promises

When focus is so much on Ryan and his lack of fulfillment on promises, he is a source of distraction and strikes a sore spot in many. The outcome of his wavering stance, swinging back-and-forth to seemingly placate both Republicans and Democrats is that people are concluding he is blatantly opportunistic and values political power over his own beliefs.

He is lacking leadership, lacking vision, and lacking courage in his failure to listen to voters, according to many who want to help him pack his briefcase and move or be moved out of the office as Speaker of the House.

Now so, too, is Fox news host, Jeanine Pirro, making the obvious more pointedly clear: Paul Ryan needs to step down.