Most guys have been there. They have a beautiful romantic interlude with a lady, and things go well. Then, after the climax, in the post-orgasmic afterglow, the guy, stroking his partner with affection asked, “Was it good for you?”

The young lady replies, “Oh yes! You were wonderful!”

If the guy has a lick of sense, he replies, “So were you.”

However, according to a recent article in Cosmopolitan, this is the exact wrong response that a woman can give to her male sexual partner. Instead, she should snap, “How dare you ask such a question? My orgasm is not about you!”

There follows yelling, recriminations, the hurried putting on of clothes, the slamming of the door on the way out, and no call or text ever after.

The author of the article in question has apparently either never had sex or has been doing it wrong all of her life. A sexual experience, properly done, involves the sharing of Pleasure and affection. No one is solely responsible for their own orgasm unless they are masturbating alone. Sex, for human beings at least, has evolved to be a joint effort.

Why would such an article that gets it so wrong be written, not to mention published, in the first place? The only logical explanation is that it stems from the relentless and remorseless resolve by modern feminists to such the joy out of every aspect of life, especially male-female relations. They cannot be happy unless they are unhappy and have plenty of company.

By the way, the author does not touch upon how her complaint applies to homosexual encounters. Does the woman have to get snippy if she is in bed with another woman and she takes pleasure in her paroxysms of joy?

Here’s some advice for any woman who ever wants to see the guy who she took home with her ever again. When he asks whether it was good for you, say yes, even if the answer is no.

Male egos are fragile and have to be nurtured. If the sex was not great, the woman has the option of not calling again or of trying a second time to make sure that the encounter was not just a fluke.

Of course, if the sex was great, by all means, pay the compliment. It doesn’t cost anything, and the woman in question is more likely to get more if she wants it.