President Donald Trump does what my grandmother would call, throwing a rock and hiding your hand. He stirs up controversy with fake news and alternative facts, then redirects attention to in another direction. He has done everything he can to take our focus off of the collusion with the Russians. Unfortunately for him, it's all about to come to an end.

Every day there is new information coming forth that points to growing connections between the POTUS and the Kremlin, New names of The Donald's associates are being added to the list. The information is trickling in, but still it is coming.

And slowly a remnant of the faithful who have supported him, are beginning to take notice.

The Donald's modus operendi

President Trump has a method of operation that has benefited him thus far. It has served him well in the world of business, as well as Hollywood. This modus operendi however is not working now that he is president. Even so he continues without yielding, bending, or changing. Our president is used to wheeling and dealing, and saying whatever is necessary to win.

While our Commander in chief keeps his head in the clouds, the ground around him is quickly becoming sinking sand. Slowly, but surely Republicans, and even his most ardent followers are beginning to back away. As the leader of the free world proclaims, "I'm the president and you're not," growing numbers of Americans are using terms such as president reject, not my resident, impeach, and treason.

Instead of seeing the handwriting on the wall, Donald Trump continues in campaign mode. Rather than being presidential he still attends rallies where he basks in the glory of his supporters. Our president is ignoring facts, and running from the issue of collusion with Russians, It's all however about to come to an end.

The end of the line

Eventually the universe will line up. All the investigations will be finalized, and every fact will be verified. The truth about everyone who has been fraternizing with the Russians will be known. And if indeed our POTUS has gotten his hands dirty, he will not be able to throw the rock and hide them. Donald Trump is making enemies within his own Republican party, Soon there will be no one left who even desires to defend him.

The American people, and those working for us in the government will be Sick And Tired of being sick and tired. The Donald's Twitter rants will be ignored. The truth regarding collusion with the Russians will set us free of the dictatorship, tyranny and bully pulpit of Donald J Trump. The end of the line is near.

Soon Mr. Trump will not be our president, because facts will validate that he has committed treason. He will then be a president reject who is impeached. We know he won[t go quietly. He will keep running but will not be able to hide behind fake news, alternative facts, and outright lies. He will go kicking and screaming, but still he will go.