How can the rest of the world take #America seriously when its President fires off outrageous early morning tweets with such alacrity and paranoia?

Whilst the truth is not known, and the innocent are #innocent until proven guilty, it's pretty spectacular to even suggest that an American President would use surveillance on a political proponent.

That theory was, for me anyway, laid to rest by Kevin Lewis, a spokesperson for #Barack Obama. He issued a widely-regarded statement dissing Trump's early morning claims. He wrote that a #cardinal rule of the then-Obama office was that no official ever "interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice,” he said.

And may I ask, who wakes up at 630am and fires off a tweet? The current President-elect has shown himself to be reactive, paranoid and vindictive: three terrible traits for an #American president to have. This is the man who owns the most military might in the world – and he wants to stockpile even more.

It's about time that our president start behaving in a more presidential and less paranoid fashion what do you think?