For about ten years veterans and conservative press have been saying how terrible they’ve been treated but it fell on deaf ears in mainstream media. When the news leaked out that at least 40 veterans died while on the Phoenix veteran’s waiting list, then President Obama said he was firing 500 people in the Veteran’s administration. The truth was he didn’t fire anyone because they were in a union. That was lip service to quell the public outrage and though it’s true that the Phoenix VA center has had a couple directors resign the rest of the inept staff still remain.

Today the USA Today’s headlines read “Long erroneous wait times still torment veterans” so they finally get their recognition after eight years of neglect. The report featured Virginia and North Carolina, it said the wait time don’t match the data, wait until they reach Arizona which was the worst in the nation.

The report says veterans should have been able to receive care in the private sector but it wasn’t covered. That’s a huge failure on the Obama administration. During the VA scandal, Obama came to Arizona but drove right past the VA center, just another slap in their face. Hopefully, President Trump will make sure our vets are treated right.

Media opens the curtain

Yesterday’s Associated press via ABC News laid bare “How politicians talk their way out of jams” which is what Obama did to the VA scandal.

The media didn’t use Obama, of course, they went after A.G. Jeff Sessions instead in true McCarthyism style. They accuse him of consorting with the enemy but they left conveniently out the details where the meeting was set-up by Obama. But Sessions is their enemy so he’s the target instead of their Obama god. President Trump tweeted their error.

Left, media’s hypocrisy knows no bounds

In today’s Arizona Republic “9th Circuit says it can rule fairly on a split of its own” speaks for itself.

That answer is to Senator Flake’s bills to divide the panel from Cathy Catterson, the court’s executive. As comical as the story sounds it also fails to mention that the 9th Circuit court's decisions have been reversed an astonishing 80 percent of the time by the Supreme Court wasting millions of tax dollars.

Moreover, their jurisdiction is among the largest covering 40 percent of our land mass and 20 percent of the population, cases take much too long and Americans deserve a speedy trial. There’s no justice or a speedy trial in San Francisco. The best response this week came from former Vice President Joe Biden, "When you delegitimize the courts, you delegitimize the legislative body.” To think he was part of the executive branch is frightening.