Last week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” ended with a disappointed jackson meeting his father in Seattle. The episode also showed April and Jackson giving into renewed passion and becoming intimate in a motel room bed. The two surgeons gave a young girl new vocal cords in a never before performed medical procedure that Jackson devised. Their teamwork reminded them of their romantic chemistry. Fans are pulling for an April-Jackson reunion. Here is why “Grey’s Anatomy” producers may give Jackil another shot at love.

Yin and yang

Jackson Avery and April Kepner balance each other out well.

Her strong Christian upbringing is as high as Jackson’s scientific, atheist views. While she did get Jackson to go to church once, their opinions remain entrenched. Neither one is changing too much. His calm demeanor offsets April's tendency to get worried and nervous. April is usually happy, while Jackson is often serious. It is a complement that works.

They share a daughter

They share a daughter named Harriet. Even though April got pregnant while they were in the process of filing for divorce, the ex-couple decided to raise their daughter together. Jackson took April and Harriet in to live with him after Harriet’s birth. An April and Jackson reunion would not be a major shift in living arrangements, but rather a change in the way that they perceive each other and their relationship.

An April-Catherine alliance

What started out with Jackson’s mother not supporting April and trying to manipulate her into losing custody of Harriet has changed. Catherine has more respect for the newly confident and self-assured surgeon who temporarily took Meredith Grey’s place as Chief Resident. April and Catherine have gone out to dinner after work and have established an unexpected alliance.

Now that Jackson's mother is on April's side, the pairing of the couple makes, even more, sense. It was also Catherine who arranged for April to accompany Jackson on their trip to Seattle, where they ended up being having sex again. More steamy scenes are likely in store for them.

Episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” air Monday nights on ABC.