President Donald Trump took over charge in November and, has made his 13th visit to a golf course. This latest visit was the eighth one on consecutive weekends and, all the golf courses bear his name. Obviously, he and golf appear to be inseparable but, before becoming the President, he used to be critical of Barack Obama and his passion for the game.

Why does he go?

CNN reports that the President visits the golf course on weekends but, does not wield the stick all the time. Rather, on many of these occasions, he takes care of some of his presidential duties.

It may be recalled that during his campaign he had indicated that, once in the chair, he would take a break from golf because he would have to work hard. He appears to have had second thoughts on that. One reason could be that he feels more comfortable out in the open when compared to the confines of the White House.

This weekend, he had been to his club in Virginia but, officials of the White House are not willing to share information on his itinerary at the club. His first visit to a golf course after becoming President was on February 4 in Florida when he had taken in the Mar-a-Lago resort.

Incidentally, when Barack Obama was the president and, used to play golf while on the job, Donald Trump would criticize him – it is now a case of role reversal.

Secrecy shrouds the visits

Donald Trump had converted the golf course in Virginia into a conference hall to conduct a meeting with members of his Cabinet and senior staff. He also used the same venue to host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he came to visit the United States in February.

It is a fact that the President owns a number of golf courses and, many of these are in other parts of the world.

It is also a fact that his staffers do not want to discuss golf with outsiders and, whatever little is known is attributed to the social media. However, one thing is certain. He, like Barack Obama, has realized that golf is a game that helps to unwind. It is a game that demands concentration and quick reflexes and, playing the game helps one to discharge his duties more effectively.