If you dig deep into the New York Times article explaining how a sleepy German suburb holds the secret of the future you will be rewarded with the precise reason why cybercommunities are the future. Buch, Germany, is under threat from the far-right. Buried deep in what is a depressing narrative of alienation and fear you find the remedy. It is the remedy for any sort of aloneness. The key to achieving openness and tolerance is direct contact with people you see as different from you. It is that simple.

Diversity is the gateway to global peace

Cybercommunities begin with the insight that our Diversity is the gateway to universal consciousness.

There is an origin to human awareness. Some enter the gate and become aware. Many never do. That gateway leads us to diversity. We appreciate the possibility that there is something that unifies us beyond all our superficial differences. We are on the same spaceship. Without this experience, this awareness we cannot grow into ethical beings. We see ourselves as enclosed in whatever our world is. We cannot go outside because they are there. 'They' is the enemy.


The sprawling nature of our world is a testimony to a widespread suspicion of diversity. On the other hand, the mass migration of people to cities is a doorway to the world that appreciates and honors diversity. This is reflected in the breakdown of racial and ethnic boundaries.

There is no clearer example of the difference between the partisan of diversity and the champion of separateness than Obama and Trump. This is why the entire world is witnessing the problem that cybercommunities is designed to solve.

A false binary

As the world pits populism against globalism, cybercommunities say that is a False Binary, a useless form of dualism.

Every person should be able to select with whom and how they live. Every person should have the freedom to move and exist in the way that is most pleasing to them. At the same time, every person should have the capacity to learn and grow and develop. When we are fortunate enough to move out of our shells and see and speak to and laugh with others we never knew, we are at the threshold of evolution.