With 50% of marriages in the US ending in divorce, having a long-lasting and happy marriage is quite an accomplishment. It is even more amazing when a couple also manages to run a successful business together. Most people recognize that when spending day and night with your partner, challenges are bound to occur. Yet, sharing both a bed and a business is a trend that is definitely on the rise. According to CNN Money, it is estimated that at least 3 million U.S. small businesses are jointly owned by couples.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Blasting News spoke to four couples who run successful companies together to find out their best advice for working together and staying in love.

Love Lesson #1: Communication is key

Communication is the key for Giuseppe and Lizette Veneziano, the co-founders of infanttech. “Being entrepreneurs, we recognize that things definitely come up at any time, and that includes at home,” says Lizette, who works as COO and legal counsel for the company. Adding, “We clearly communicate when it is family time and have set ground rules. No electronics are allowed at the dinner table for anyone.” Lizette and her CEO husband also express their love and gratitude to one another through love notes and cards. “We know that we couldn't do it alone and recognize that it is our strength together that got us here.

I literally call him my Superman and he calls me Wonder Woman.”

Love Lesson #2: Don't force a work-life divide

Sometimes the best work-love Relationships have no defined boundaries. For Victoria and Phil Nauta, the CEO and Vice President of Marcus & Marcus, work is nonstop. Victoria explains, “We tend to work constantly. When most people’s day is ending, ours starts up again at 9:00 PM when Asia opens for business.” Instead of creating unrealistic expectations for finding balance and putting added pressure on each other for what others think their relationship should be, Victoria and Phil have created their own normal that works for them.

“Working together as much as we do has strengthened our relationship because we rely on each other for so much and know that we can count on one another.”

Love Lesson #3: Enjoy your time together

At the end of the day, running a business together means you see your significant other a lot, so enjoying each other's company is crucial.

This is definitely the case for SoapSox® founder and CEO, Ray Phillips and his wife, Lindsay. “Work feels a lot less like work and is more enjoyable when I am with Lindsay,” explains Ray. Adding, “Working together has at times been challenging, but overall it has strengthened our relationship. It feels great to be understood and supported. It also makes our successes that much more enjoyable because we did it as a team!”

Love Lesson #4: Stay committed to your relationship

Greg and Amie Durocher, the CEO and Creative Director of Safe Ride 4 Kids, have been self-employed and working together from home for over 5 years. While juggling it all and having three young children, Greg and Amie say it is important to always stay committed to the relationship and remain kind to each other, even in the face of challenging (financial) circumstances.

Date nights are also a must for this couple. “When you are on date-nights, force yourselves to talk about your relationship and other topics of interest that are NOT the business,” recommends Greg. Greg, who is also a relationship coach at Overhaul Strategies adds this final tip: “Every now and then, take advantage of those quiet moments in the day, when the kids are at school, for coitus interruptus.”