One would truly have to be living under a rock if you do not know who Elizabeth Warren is. Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts that has been making headlines around the world for weeks. Senator Warren has been resilient in taking a stand and fighting for what she believes is right, and is fearless in letting her voice be heard. Many people have taken a great liking to Warren due to her ferocious stand against putting people in positions of power that they should not have. Others wonder however if her boldness and newly found fame is part of her quest to become the United States President in 2020.

You may have first heard of Senator Elizabeth Warren from the Betsy DeVos nomination hearings, where Senator Warren drilled Betsy DeVos extensively with questions that showed DeVos was “unfit” to be the new United States Secretary of Education.

Warren did not hesitate nor hold back in her questioning of Betsy DeVos’ background, experience, and views on how DeVos would improve upon things for the educational betterment of America.

Never back down!

Now, Senator Warren has once again made her presence felt. On Tuesday February 7, 2017, while on the Senate floor, Senator Warren tried to read the letter coretta scott king wrote to the Senate on March 13,1986, opposing at that time making Senator Jeff Sessions a federal judge. The purpose of Warren reading Coretta Scott King’s letter was to show that Senator Sessions should not be the united states attorney General. Senator Warren had to stop reading the letter due to it being a violation of a Senate rule where a senator is barred from demeaning another senator.

Senator Warren did not let the Senate stop her from letting the letter be heard. Shortly after being “silenced” by the Senate, she took to Facebook Live to read Mrs. Coretta Scott King’s letter and posted it online so the world would have insight into Jeff Sessions’ background against civil rights and why he should not be appointed US Attorney General.

Senator Warren’s stance in the end did not prevail, as Jeff Sessions was appointed United States Attorney General on February 8, 2017.

President Warren in 2020?

Senator Warren has without question showed she is courageous in her stance to fight against what she feels is wrong and what will not help move America in positive and effective directions.

Conversations have now started to circulate that she is setting herself up to run for President of the United States in 2020 though she has not stated so publicly. Some feel Senator Warren’s main agenda for “standing out” is to garner her the attention and love of the American people so she can indeed become president. Whether that assessment is true, we do not know, but what is true is that Senator Warren is making her mark on the American people. President Warren in 2020? We’ll have to wait and see.