The political climate is hotting up in Washington. The Russian bogey refuses to die and every now and then it is resurrected. This is a clear pointer that Donald is skating on thin ice. One hopes it is not the lull before the gathering storm as a GOP lawmaker Darrell Issa asks for an impartial inquiry into allegations that Donald's campaign team was in contact with Russian intelligence during the elections. Darrell claims that he supported Donald during the last election. He also claims that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions is his friend. Despite this, Darrell is clear that there is a need for an investigation and it should not be conducted by Jess Sessions.

He would like the investigation to be conducted by a special prosecutor. He has stated " You're are going to need to use the special prosecutor's statute...not just recuse. You can't give it to your deputy. That's a political appointee"

Donald under pressure

Donald is under pressure. He may not show it but pressure has a subtle effect and Donald will be well aware that the knives are out for him. Adding to the pressure are the frequent programs on television regarding the hacking of the election by the Russians and the supposed contacts of Donald's team with the Russians. This is not yet proved but many are asking for an investigation. The White House has realized the danger and has reached out to GOP members of the senate.

Darrell Issa

Darrell tries to sound even-handed when he says that there may be no wrongdoing on the part of Donald's team. yet he goes on to add "there may or may not be a fault, but the American people...are beginning to understand that Putin murders his enemies". By giving such statements the intention is to put Donald under pressure.

Many other lawmakers share the concern expressed by Darrell Issa.

Last word

The intelligence agencies are carrying out their own investigation, but so far nothing substantial has been revealed. The White house had requested the Intelligence agencies to say the report of contacts was incorrect and nothing substantial had come to light.

This request has been turned down. This incident does show that Donald is under pressure. In the tense atmosphere, he has to accept the exit of general Flynn and appoint a man who is acceptable to his critics led by senator McCain.