The erstwhile Soviet Union was a threat to America and its allies. It was a super power before it collapsed under its own contradictions. That left a unipolar world with America the sole super power. The changing global scenario has not affected the press barons and quite a few senior leaders. For them, Russia still remains the enemy. Donald Trump for all his faults has brought in out of box solutions and one of these is cooperation with Russia for the greater good of fighting Islamic radical groups together. Unfortunately, some senior congressmen like John McCain have been articulating comments against the Russian president Vladimir Putin. For them, Russia remains an enemy, though the geopolitical situation has changed.

Many are mouthing anti-Russia comments with the primary aim to hem in Donald, and at some stage, lay the groundwork for his impeachment. This may sound far-fetched, but the agenda is there.

Opposing Donald

The attempt to provoke Donald is palpable -- like in the interview before the Super Bowl. Bill O'Reilly referred to Putin as a "Killer." Donald didn't take the bait and neatly side-stepped with a counter question. When senior statesmen like senator Mitch McConnell refer to Putin as a thug, the aim is clear: to undermine the effort of Donald. President Obama did his best as well, with executive decisions to hem in Donald.

Donald wins

The american press and a sizeable number of highly educated intellectuals have made their opposition to Donald clear.

Donald was not the choice of the senior members of the GOP. He in a way presented them with a fait accompli; leaving no choice but to nominate him. He went on to win the election, despite salacious tales being circulated. Many in the press thought he would be defeated. It didn't happen that way.


Now many have jumped on Donald's supposed secret links with Russia. Tales regarding a Russian connection have followed Donald's choice of Secretary of State Tillerson. Hopefully, another 6 months down the line and all of this chatter will have died down.