The looming spectacle over the Republican's party's inability to agree on replacing #Obamacare is drawing criticism far and wide. Whist many in the party are worried it could divide its followers, others are sure that it is going to pan out for the best.

Paul Ryan has formulated the message that repealing the affordable care act will help people be free. Sure, people will be free to lose their healthcare and go bankrupt, but not free in the sense that Ryan is suggesting.

His argument is one that #conservative leaders have countless times before and it's one that is being overused and, I think, abused: “Freedom is the ability to buy what you want to fit what you need.

Obamacare is Washington telling you what to buy regardless of your needs.”

There’s an element of truth in that latter sentence. The #Affordable Care Act does indeed force insurers to sell to people with pre-existing conditions – which is good for everyone as it means no one person is disadvantaged because of an illness. This really means more freedom for people with preexisting issues.

More freedom, it turns out

Also, under the ACA, plans must cover essential services such as maternity care, mental health, and rehabilitation. Other provisions cap consumers’ out-of-pocket spending and prohibit insurers from selling plans with annual or lifetime limits on payments.

So these requirements don't mean less freedom as Ryan argues. For most Americans, Obamacare's generous provisions have given everyone more freedom, sometimes in life-changing ways.