It seems that there is no way to end the controversy revolving around Donald Trump's presidency and the way the White House Administration is handling things at this time. The latest tectonic movement emerged around Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn. From what already is out in the field, it appears that Flynn withheld information from a meeting he had with the Russian Ambassador just before Donald Trump took the strings of the United States.

The pressure is mounting as President Trump already made some controversial decisions in the early stages of his presidency.

Clearly, the most controversial element of Donald Trump's early presidency has been his executive order issuing a travel ban from 7 countries with a Muslim-majority population. On top of this, there are still those that are suspicious of Donald Trump's supposed ties to Russia, as well.

Russophobia is still there, deep inside the American consciousness

President Trump said that he is willing to have a decent relationship with Russia in terms of diplomacy, trade, economic interests, etc. Still, both President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have so far seemed to be on friendly terms, and on a similar page in terms of their approach to handling ISIS in the Middle East.

Whether we like it or not, though, history (especially recent) always drives a nation toward the same old thinking patterns.

President Trump mishandled Flynn's case

According to Reuters, it appears that President Trump was aware of the fact that his national security adviser kept things to himself following a meeting with Sergei Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the United States. Michael Flynn's scandal hitting the mainstream will do nothing but create further tension regarding a Trump-Putin cooperation in the foreseeable future.

Regarding the US domestic political field, it is nothing more than a step back for an already shaken up Trump Administration. The fact that General Flynn resigned changes nothing in terms of the general perception regarding the issue.