The opponents of Donald have a handle to strike back at him. This is the Russian connection that refuses to go away. Despite general flynn having left as he had lost the confidence of the president, the issue is not dying down. It seems the flames are still rising. One can't be sure what will happen in the future. It must be understood that Flynn was one of the closest policy formulators of the president. His opponents argue that whatever he did could not have been other than at the behest of the president.

Donald and Russia

A look back at the campaign trail of Donald and one can see that all along Donald was soft on Russia and praised Putin as well.

There was no cause for this except that perhaps he was carried away by his own rhetoric. The telephone of Flynn with the Russian ambassador on which he did touch on the topic of sanctions has now come to the fore. Flynn initially denied it but then owned up, and so he had to go. The white house would like to think that the issue will die a natural death, but that is not the way politics takes place. The issue is alive, and many are pointing the finger at the president himself. The issue continues to bedevil his presidency.

Flynn and the Russian ambassador

We do not know what were the compulsions of Flynn to talk to the Russian ambassador. Did he do it on his own and did Donald know about it? He willingly took the blame to save his boss, but will he be saved?.

What if some more damning evidence crops up? One thing is clear that if Donald now lifts the Russian sanctions, it is a sure way to impeachment. So in case, the plan was to assure Russia of a better deal it just about failed. Trump will also know that as Rumer Godden wrote " This far and no further" is very much true. He is now fighting to deflect the scorching heat from the Russian connection.

The future

The Russian connection has given ammo to the opponents of Donald. There is a Russia-phobia in America, and anyone can play on it. It's not as bad as the early fifties of the Mcarthy era, but Russia is like a red hot iron. Donald will now have to watch his step and hope the issue settles. His opponents will not let it settle, and the future could be a test for Donald. There are still many miles to go and who knows what will happen in the future.