Donald Trump held his first press conference at Trump Tower. Much heat has been generated by news of Russian hacking of the US election process in favor of Donald Trump. Though no evidence whatsoever has been published, the press (led by opponents of Donald) has tried to delegitimize his victory. Now a new twist states that the Russians had some special info on Trump that would compromise him. The Russians have outright rejected this information. At the press conference, many reporters asked Donald about the so-called Russian hacking and how it would affect the USA.

Many wanted to know whether Putin would play ball with Trump. To be fair, the President-elect answered all questions with confidence, and brought out that the intelligence reports are suspect, as they seem to be aligned with a particular line of thought. He made a telling comment that Russia would have greater respect for the USA with him as the president and he asked a pointed question that if Putin liked him, what was wrong with it?

The press meet

This was the first press meet by the President-elect, just days away from his swearing in. In the conference, he also mentioned that Obamacare was a disaster, and he would construct the wall on the Mexican border and Mexico will pay for it. He was clear that his economic policy would ensure the greatest creation of jobs and also detailed his decision to halt any association with his business empire, which will be looked after by his sons.

Trump on the way

Donald created a favorable impression at the press conference, though many will not like his rejection of any and all Russian hacking of the US election. America is so polarized that there are many who just can't reconcile that the Trump presidency is a reality. There is no doubt a Trump victory has ruffled a lot of feathers and Obama (seeing his legacy slipping away from him) has played his part in trying to demean the win of Trump by some executive actions that will be difficult for Trump to roll back once he gets in office.