Donald Trump has been shouting about Fake News. He was particularly incensed that the mainstream media went hammer and tongs against him on the question of Russian hacking of the US election. It was alleged that this hacking favored Trump.

All sorts of weird tales were published showing that Donald had a Russian connection and Putin had something on Donald. It was made out that Putin and Russia interfered in the US presidential election. There were dark hints that Donald won because of it. Many senators even asked for a congressional investigation into the alleged hacking.

Donald was right as far as this "fake news" is concerned. Not a shred of evidence has surfaced that Putin in any way could sway the electorate. In fact, such a thing is not possible and an insult to the American voter.

Fake news

There was a lot of fake news floating around and the mainstream press is guilty of it. Firstly the press was not fair to Bernie and he was written off from the word go.The press ganged up behind Hillary who became the darling and every poll showed that Hillary would win hands down.

To ensure that this became a reality a string of tales about Donald surfaced about his comments on women followed by a story of golden showers in Moscow. The press played up the news for all it was worth.

The name of the game was to stop Donald somehow.

Supporting Hillary

The overwhelming support for Hillary is difficult to justify and many media houses began to accuse Donald of being a serial liar and unfit to be president. He was shown as an unbalanced man. It was also alleged in dark undertones that Putin and Russia had something on Donald and the man could be blackmailed.

Hence he was unfit to be president.

Target Donald

Donald fought back, but his statement was ridiculed and the big lie was circulated that Hillary was sure to win. One gets a feeling that most of the Gallup polls were not representative as they covered a small sample and the mainstream media began to believe what it was propagating as a gospel truth.

A win by Donald did not change and fresh attacks were mounted on Donald.His security advisor was hounded out and it was clear as daylight that the target is Donald Trump.