Iraq is an Islamic country which has been hit by frequent terrorist attacks over the last three decades.The U.S should continue its efforts to bring peace and solidarity in Iraq. The Islamic country has seen the worst possible conditions in many areas. Millions of innocent Iraqi citizens have died due to the wave of terror primarily due to Sectarian Violence. The U.S has been making efforts to bring peace to Iraq but the conditions in Iraq are getting worse with each passing day.

The U.S troops sent to Iraq in early 90’s and killed many innocent people in the war against terror.

U.S President Donald Trump should make a strategic plan to end the reign of ISIS and bring peace in the terrorized land of Iraq. The U.S must fight the terrorist groups without killing innocent people in Iraq.

The root cause of terrorism in Iraq

The Islamic republic of Iraq is divided into two main sects of Islam. The population consists of 75% Shiite Muslims and 25% Sunni Muslims. Both Shiite and Sunni Muslims follow Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his practices. The two sects hold different beliefs regarding the Caliphs of Islam. Shiite strongly condemn the Caliphs of Islam and reject them. On the other hand, Sunnis hold these Caliphs in high regards and praise them. The terrorist groups have taken advantage of these sectarian differences and targeted Sunni Mosques of Mosul and northern Baghdad.

The terrorist group ISIS has killed millions of Iraqi citizens. A great number of Holy Mosques and Shrines have been bombed by ISIS and the citizens of Iraq continue to live in fear.

Necessary steps to bring peace in Iraq

President Donald Trump should unite with the people of Iraq to eradicate terrorism in the Middle East. ISIS is a terrorist group which portrays a negative image of Islam.

In the war against terrorism, the innocents must live safely and the culprits should be punished accordingly. Saddam Hussein tried to bring stability to Iraq but some of his decisions ultimately caused the downfall of the country. The end of ISIS must be the top priority of the U.S president as it will end the reign of terror in the rest of the world.