Donald Trump's press conference left many in the country awestruck after he stepped up to the podium and conducted himself as a decisive leader, sharing some strong points. He is a man who appears more than ready to take the office of president. Even his toughest critics had to feel a tinge of pride as Trump started to unfold his plans for the nation (including business and healthcare).

Trump did nation proud

The President-elect explained how businesses are already changing their minds about moving out of the country and how some are planning to relocate to the U.S., bringing much needed jobs to the nation.

Trump talked about Putin as a man he would like to cultivate a relationship with, but if that doesn't happen, then it doesn't happen. He did promise, however, that Russia will respect the U.S. much more than they have in the past, while he is at the helm.

Putin hacking

As far as Putin orchestrating the hacking into American servers, Trump said he is not alone, as everyone is doing this from countries all over the globe. It is his mission to put a stop to this. What he did say about Russian hacking was that this wasn't going to happen again, which is something he will convey to Putin.

Pet peeve of news conference

One of Trump's biggest pet peeves today was the Fake News leaked out from someone in the U.S.

intelligence department that made headline news. The news was never verified, and it talked about Trump leaving himself wide open for blackmail over something Russia had on him.

Fake news reporting

This fake news even went as far to say his lawyer, Michael Cohen, was implicated as being in the Czech Republic at the time, but the lawyer's passport doesn't substantiate a trip to Russia.

Cohen said he had never been to the Czech Republic, where the report had placed him, according to NPR News.

Shuts out CNN to sound of applause

On top of this, the media that did report on this later came out and said they had the wrong name. His lawyer shared the same name as a man who was in Prague at the time. Trump did praise the media outlets who didn't report on this, but basically shut out a CNN reporter after saying how CNN did a number with this story.

The unseen reporter was relentless, yelling at Trump to take his question, but Trump was even more relentless when it came to blocking him out. He did this to the sound of applause.


This fake news of Russia having some information on Trump that could leave him open to blackmail was something that came across the intelligence community's desk and was never verified by anyone. Yet it got out to the public. This brought up a much bigger issue within the nation's intelligence agencies who are in charge of keeping confidential and secret information away from the public eye.

Problem within intelligence community?

Trump said that every time he would meet with members of the intelligence agencies it would become instant news.

This was not information that should be released to the public. It got so bad that he wondered if it was someone on his team leaking the information. To explore these thoughts, Trump went into his next meeting without a soul from his team knowing he was having a meeting, including his personal assistant of 20 years. Within a matter of minutes of the meeting's conclusion, the news was out. This is how Trump is sure it is coming from the intelligence community and not someone on his team. He finds this disturbing and wants to put a stop to this.

Trump's lucky, but other's are not

Trump said he was lucky to have a microphone at the ready today to defend himself against these preposterous claims coming from this story that alleges Russia has enough goods to blackmail him. Trump said that there are others out there who aren't as lucky as he is to have the microphone to state their case to the masses, and he's seen lives ruined over this type of fake news reporting.