The fascination with Barron Trump continues (with everything that is written or said about the young boy becoming headline news). Not since little "John John" Kennedy moved into the White House has there been a young son of a president about to walk the halls of the big house on Pennsylvania Ave. There have been plenty of daughters in the White House, who have vastly ranged in age. Although other presidents have had sons, they were young adults and on their own by the time their dads became president.

Barron fascinates the masses

The level of attention given to the girls doesn't seem to be as elaborate as it is for Barron.

It seems not only has Barron become a sensation in U.S. headlines, but Japan also has a real love affair brewing for the "beautiful boy."

There's a lot of fascinating news rolling around online about Barron Trump. According to the New Republic, Barron got his name from his dad, who always loved the name "Barron." Trump allegedly loved this name so much that in his younger days, as an up-and-coming billionaire builder, Trump's spokesperson's name was John Barron. This Mr. Barron would often answer Trump's phone, reports the website. It was allegedly learned that John Barron was none other than Donald Trump himself, just using a fake name.

Barron has gotten so popular that a performance theater show was allegedly fashioned after him recently.

It is about a little rich boy who lands in the White House and starts a late night talk show from the Oval Office. That show was at the Annoyance Theater last week. It is a performance theater in Brooklyn, New York, and the name of this particular performance was called the "First Boy."

Boys have it!

This much fuss was not made about Chelsea Clinton, the Bush twins, or the Obama girls, so what is it about Barron Trump that has sparked the nation's interest?

It could be that Barron holds some mystery about him, as the public has only seen him a few times since his father started his campaign for president.

Extravagant life

Barron is doted on by his mom, who is a former supermodel, but still sporting her supermodel looks. Melania Trump shared some of her thoughts about Barron in the past, and many find the youngest Trump child quite interesting.

Melania is a stay-at-home mom who devotes all her time to her 10-year-old son. There are no nannies involved here, just Melania doing the child raising, according to the website Choice or Life.

Melania cooks for her young son and escorts him herself to play dates. She is proud of his abilities at such a young age, as she has said in the past how he thrives in science and math. Donald Trump has said that Barron is athletically inclined and he enjoys golf, tennis, and baseball.


When Barron moves into the White House after his school year is up, he just might find it a downgrade from what he is used to. This is a kid who has an entire floor of the Trump's three-floor penthouse all to himself.

The top three floors of Trump Tower is their home, and Barron has the entire floor, with his parents occupying the two floors above him.

It sounds like Barron Trump amazes his dad by running circles around him when it comes to the computer. When the problem of computer hacking bubbled up recently, Donald Trump mentioned that his son Barron is a 10-year-old kid who can do unbelievable things with a computer.

Barron on Twitter

Did you know that Barron has his own Twitter handle? While he is still too young to use it, Melania had the foresight to lock a Twitter page in for her son while he was still very young. He will have it ready and waiting when he does get older.

Brings dad up to date

It looks like Barron may have had a hand in Donald Trump learning about hacking.

It appears that by watching Barron navigate around the complex technology of a computer, it made Donald Trump realize that hacking is even easier than most people imagine! Either way, Barron Trump continues to captivate the masses!