Donald Trump is the president of the USA and he has started with a bang to make good his campaign promises. One of his more significant promises was to build a wall on the USA-Mexico border to keep out refugees from there. He had earlier stated that most refugees coming to the USA from Mexico were involved in drugs, murder, and rape. He had promised to deport all the illegal immigrants. He had many times repeated his promise that a wall, a beautiful wall would be built and Mexico will pay for it. When he first sat in the chair one of his first acts was to sign an executive order to start construction of the wall.

This had its repercussions and the Mexican president had no choice but to cancel a scheduled meeting with Donald. But the man was unfazed and said that the cancellation of the meeting was by mutual consent till matters improve.

Donald's wall

The Mexican president has repeatedly said that Mexico will not pay for the wall. Donald has also repeatedly asserted that Mexico will pay and he would exact payment by indirect means like levies and border tax and duties. The fact is it is easier to sign an order, but getting money for it which could be in the range of $25-28 billion will need Congressional approval. One wonders whether Congress will approve this expense with a $ 3 trillion deficit.

The US-Mexico border is close to 2000 km and covers deep ravines, hills, and shrubbery.It's not easy to build a wall and even if work commences immediately the wall may take years to build.

It is good rhetoric to say that the wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it. Donald is a shrewd man and knows that a wall will not be a reality overnight. He has assuaged his constituency by stating that a wall will be built.

Donald also wants to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada and Mexico. For this to happen the other 2 nations will have to play ball.He has also withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific economic cooperation.

This could be a setback to US interests and will leave the field clear for China to move in.

Last word

The wall does not appear to be a reality in the near future. The Berlin wall did not last even 3 decades and collapsed under its own weight. It was only 96km long. One wonders what will eventually happen to Trumps wall. It may in due course die a natural death.