"I have no deals, loans or dealings with Russia," was recently tweeted by President-elect Donald Trump (BBC). Just when one thinks Trump's rubbish claims could not become any more inexplicably dangerous, he manages to up the ante.

Why isn't Trump showing his tax returns?

Despite numerous calls to release his tax returns, Trump has always refused to do so. In fact, he said, he can't release his tax returns because he's under audit. Has anyone found such evidence? No. Lawrence O'Donnell, a host at MSNBC, requested Trump to show at least the letter from the IRS stating that he's under audit.

Trump refused.

One year of Trump's leaked tax returns showed that he had nearly a billion dollars in losses that would have allowed him to avoid paying any taxes for nineteen years. Based on this particular return, it may be that embarrassment of losses or perhaps his relatively low income for that year, or the shame that he does not pay taxes. The real reason why Trump is refusing to show his tax returns may have something to do with Russia and not an audit or the public's supposed inability to interpret the 12000-page returns.

Trump has many connections with Russia. As reported by TIME, many U.S. banks stopped lending to Trump owing to his numerous bankruptcies so "several of Trump's businesses outside of Russia are entangled with Russian financiers inside Putin's circle." All Trump advisors, including Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Lt.

Gen. Michael Flynn, have "extensive financial and business ties to Russian financiers."

There were contacts with Russian officials too

Russian officials were also in contact with Trump. As reported by New York Times, Russian foreign minister, Sergi A. Ryabkov said what everyone has always suspected, that "there were contacts." "We continue to do this and have been doing this work during the election campaign," Ryabkov continued.

He went on to say "I cannot say that all, but a number of them maintained contacts with Russian representatives" (NYT). This is beyond the pale of Trump to not only be in secret contact with a foreign foe but also to call upon them to interfere in the U.S. elections and tip the scale by hacking the emails of those linked to his adversary.

Trump should be held answerable for his statements. This is of extreme significance in the U.S. history and may very well fit the definition of treason. President Nixon was also impeached for spying on a political adversary. Why isn't Donald Trump?