immigrants built America. But Trump's latest ban on seven Muslim-majority countries entering America for the next 90 days and suspending the entry of all refugees for 120 days is not a welcome one. This xenophobic ban echoes the views of Hitler about Jews —Hitler blamed Jews for the country's problems just as Trump blames immigrants (especially Mexicans) for all ills in America.

While immigrants pay taxes, Donald Trump does not

Despite numerous calls, Trump has always refused to release his tax returns. One year of Trump's leaked tax returns showed that he had nearly a billion dollars in losses that would have allowed him to avoid paying any taxes for nineteen years.

And unlike Trump, a 2016 study by the Institute on Taxation & Economy Policy reported that immigrants pay $90-$140 billion each year only in taxes. These figures do not exclude undocumented immigrants who paid $11.8 billion in 2012. Some immigrants work informally and are paid under the table, so they do not have federal and state income taxes deducted from their paychecks. So do some citizens.

Immigrants are job snatchers

First of all, this very concept of "taking jobs away from Americans" is wrong. No single job has a defined identity in this globally integrated economy. This idea is practically useless and there is virtually no evidence to support this view. Second, immigrants do not reduce the jobs.

They practically create more jobs. Indeed, immigrants always play an active, pivotal role in sketching the overall employment picture. Immigrants are now job givers. They own more than 40,000 companies in New York alone, giving hundreds and thousands of jobs to all citizens.

Immigrants a drain on the economy?

This is a complex issue.

In general, when Trump says this he actually means that the immigrants are using more in public services than they pay in taxes. In fact, the majority of immigrants are prime working age and not entitled to many public services. They also contribute more to the public sector than they actually use. The net benefit they generate is $10 billion per year.

Research on the long-term economic benefits of immigration concludes that immigrants are likely to have modest, positive influence on the economy. Furthermore, a young, foreign-born labor force is always necessary for a rapidly aging country like America.

Immigrants are prone to terrorism

This myth is completely wrong. There is no way immigration increases terrorism. Banning immigrants certainly does. In the words of Daniel Benjamin, a former State Department top counter-terrorism official and now a scholar at Dartmouth, Trump's order is likely to prove counterproductive. It encourages Muslims who support Al-Qaeda and ISIS ideology in America. It "feeds the jihadist narrative."

Those who appreciate this ban as a welcoming one need to understand that unregulated immigration differs completely from terrorism.

It makes no sense to have the same immigration policy for these two. While terrorism is completely an issue of national security, immigration is something that needs management between two nations in a mutually beneficial way. It requires trans-national governance.

Bottom line

Myths abound. There is no doubt that immigrants run America in multiple ways, and in almost in every sector. The country now needs a new story, given that immigrants are of paramount importance to the economic development, security, and identity of the country.