2017 has rolled around, and with it, a host of new albums coming in January. So what are the records that need to be heard in the first month of the new year?

5. 'Double Dutchess' - Fergie

The long-awaited second studio album from Fergie has been rumored for years, but has yet to come to pass. There are rumors that the album could be coming in January 2017, with a performance on New Year's Eve, and several singles in the rearview mirror, but nobody knows for sure, which is why it barely cracks this list of albums.

4. 'Digital Distortion' - Iggy Azalea

Another one of the albums believed to be released in January 2017, but not confirmed yet. As much flack as the Aussie rapper has received in her career, her music has always proven to be popular commercially, with "Fancy" being one of the more memorable female rap songs in recent memory.

3. 'A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat' - Train

Train has a tendency to stock their albums with one massive hit that reminds everyone of who they are: "Hey Soul Sister" and "Drops of Jupiter" fall into that category. Add "Play That Song" from their January 27, 2017 release to the list. The song incorporates "Heart and Soul," making sure listeners won't soon forget its tune, even if you forget its lyrics.

2. 'I See You' - The xx

The xx remains one of those bands that are constantly shrouded in mystery, with no real sense of when their albums are going to come. "I See You" will be released on January 13, 2017 (their first album in four years), with a promise of opening up their typically muted and perverse sound; their appearance on "Saturday Night Live" didn't necessarily suggest as much.

1. 'Music Is the Weapon' - Major Lazer

Back to the issue of albums not having a clear release date - electro fans are expecting this record in January 2017, but nothing is known for sure. The hit single, "Cold Water," proved to be one of the most popular songs of the final quarter of 2016, and the song "Lean On" was massively popular a couple of years ago; Major Lazer should cement their status in the music landscape with this record.