On Jan. 20, President Trump was sworn into office. It is an occasion that has divided the American people into two opposing groups: Those who strongly support him and those who do not. However, the bigger picture of how his presidency will play out rests on his policies, decisions and interactions with the rest of the world. Here are three significant ways that Trump can shock the world.

Moving away from the extremes

During his presidential campaigns and thereafter, he has raised a lot of thorny issues that most people in the world see as extreme.

These include building a gigantic wall to shut out Mexican immigrants from coming to America; banning Muslims from the country or registering those who had already been living in America; pursuing some foreign policies that appall American think-tanks; and, disapproval of the threat of global warming and its associated environmental hazards.

The world will be truly shocked if the president rethinks these issues as he now emerges as the leader of the United States and a beacon of leadership to the rest of the world.

Bringing American people together

The first responsibility of the new president is to bring all Americans together. His election has, no doubt, torn apart the American populace. Some staunch supporters of his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, are still hurt, disillusioned and seemed inconsolable.

The president should reach out to every quarter, heal those who are broken-hearted and calm down those who are nervous and very afraid. The world will be happy to see the effectiveness of his leadership at the homestead. As the saying goes, "charity begins at home."

Leading the world with fairness and justice

No doubt, the president may have his own preferences for foreign affairs, but now as the leader of the most superpower nation, he would need to temper his ambitions and let the United States's interests supersede his.

This may come in the form of strengthening the relationships with current allies and trade partners and forging more diplomatic relationships with small nations that see America as a great uncle - Uncle Sam.

Without a doubt, as a shrewd business mogul, a seasoned manager, the whole world will be watching how Trump will steer the American ship for the next four years.