Hate is such a strong word, yet scores of people use it to describe how they feel about long time public servant,Hillary Clinton. Led by sitting New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, there were even rally cries of "lock her up" at the Republican National Convention. The reasons for these vocal displays of hostility varies and are as hot as a thousand suns.

They range from a weariness of her lies to the shamefulness of standing by her man, during his cheating scandals back in the day. Her man, of course, being former President Bill Clinton. Some, believe it or not, seem to even despise Clinton because she is a female running for office of the U.S.

President. The audacity! Everyone knows there still exists a good ole boy system that wants to make America great again. I mean, get things back in order again.

For others, they simple do not know why they dislike Hillary Clinton. They are just going by what they hear being said by particular major news outlets, certainpoliticalfigures, and by word on the curb.

Like any politician or person, Hillary is not without her faults

Benghazi is definitely a thorny issue in Clinton's side. Could she have done more to save the lives lost? Did she refer to the perpetrators as Islamic terrorists? Proper name calling and labeling is important to a lot of folks. Islamic terrorists, murderers,ISIS, Boko Haram, Charles Manson, etc., they all represent and boil down to one thing.


And then there are those pesky emails. What was on them? Did she disclose a secret illness or discuss amounts of money ciphered from the Clinton Foundation into a personal Swiss bank account? In today's age of reality TV, people want to know why she won't submit to frequent press conferences or media coverage like her opponent Donald Trump.

The purpose? So she can be asked the same questions only to give the same answers. In all seriousness, many Americans have an unfavorable view of Clinton because they see her as a corrupt part of the establishment and a liar.

The world is watching

Leaders from around the world wait anxiously to see how Americans will vote on election day. Not all people participate in these much relied upon pools prior to then. It will be interesting to see what American voters will tell the world this November.