So this happened. According to Newsweek, the Bush White House mysteriously lost 22 million emails between 2003 and 2009. Really? Isn’t this revelation enough to make us clutch our pearls? After all, for more than a year, Hillary Clinton has been grilled, drilled, and all but killed over her missing 30,000 emails.

Frankly, do we or anybody else really need to know what is in the emails of top government officials? Who says we should be privy to confidential information? I delete mine, especially the junk ones. More than likely, if half of us were as well informed as they were about the madness going on, we would be high-tailing it to Mars.

And we’d gladly go along with being stowed away with the luggage. I’m just saying.

What had happened was

Apparently, the correspondence in question was written during the Bush Administration’s darkest period. Think War in Iraq and claims regarding weapons of mass destruction. Here is what’s interesting. The Bush WhiteHouse also used a private email server, compliments of the Republican National Committee. Like Hillary, they too had bad email habits. They failed to store emails as required by law, and refused to comply with a congressional subpoena. Oh, how soon we forget.

The Presidential Records Act (PRA) was passed by Congress in 1978. This bill mandates that all presidential and vice presidential records generated after January 20, 1981 be preserved.

The Bush Administration eventually admitted to losing the emails. Unfortunately, that loss cost a special prosecutor’s investigation effort to discredit a diplomat. Supposedly, it also stopped Congress from investigating the 2007 politically charged firing of nine U.S. attorneys.

He who casts the first stone

So maybe we should all step back and take a breather for a moment.

Maybe we should not let this election have us running around like a lynch mob because Frankenstein’s monster is loose and terrorizing the village. Yes, Americans are tired of the status quo but they are also tired of double standards and denials.