Donald Trump appeared on the Sean Hannity Show the night before the Republican Nevada Caucus and made a campaign promise that should endear him to a lot of people, but make him a few enemies. Trump suggested that, were the people of America to allow him to serve as president, he would look into prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her various alleged crimes surrounding the unsecured email server.

Many Americans have wanted to see Clinton in the dock for decades, at least as far back as Whitewater and possibly even before. Indeed, quite a few people kept themselves warm at night imagining her husband next to her and they wearing his and hers matching orange jump suits.

Mind, Trump is so changeable that he is just as likely to invite Hillary Clinton to the White House for drinks as he is to have her perp walked. Trump and the Clintons have been friends forever. Trump claims that the relationship was strictly business and that now he can and will turn on the Clintons because, again, business.

Trump, if he knows anything, knows how to tell voters what they want to hear and to make it seem simple. His solutions to illegal immigration, the economy, foreign crises, and the fact that the Clintons are still at liberty are all very easy to understand. Trump will take care of matters because he is Donald Trump, master of the deal, scourge of the political class. That Trump has managed to make a large fortune out of a slightly smaller fortune is a plus.

The assumption is that whatever business acumen Trump has will translate seamlessly to governing.

Prosecuting Hillary Clinton would likely be the easier of Trump’s various promises to carry out unless he gets legal advice that allows him to weasel out of it. In any case, convicting Clinton will be another matter entirely. If the gentle reader found that the O.J.

Simpson trial was a circus, he or she should buckle up and get ready for the trial of this century, the Unites States v. Hillary Rodman Clinton. While she may well be guilty, so was O.J. by any rational standard. And O.J. walked.