The border wall between the United States and Mexico is the signature project of former President Donald Trump. His team designed the wall, built prototypes, and began construction. However, he did not get a second term in the White House. President Joe Biden took over. On his first day in office, he put on hold activities associated with the U.S.-Mexico border wall. He subsequently canceled several construction contracts.

Texas is keen to restart construction on the border wall. Attorney Generals of Texas and of Missouri are trying to get an injunction on the issue.

They want the Biden administration to restart construction on the southern border wall.

Border wall lawsuit on resumption of work

Ken Paxton, AG Texas, has filed a lawsuit on the subject. It pertains to the suspension of work on the wall. The lawsuit wants the Biden administration to resume the construction work on the southern border. Spectrum Local News quotes Paxton saying: “The Biden administration, again and again, refuses to aid Texans battling the border crisis every day.” In his opinion, such a deterrent is necessary because it will assist the law enforcement agencies who operate at the border.

In his words, a physical wall is necessary to maintain security. It will go a long way to bolster the safety of not only Texas but also of America.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott debuted a section of the border wall

Spectrum Local News makes a mention of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. He started work on a portion of a new wall in Texas. Funds came from the state as well as from private donors. The government has walls and other barriers between the United States and Mexico. It has been there for decades.

Its purpose is to reduce the number of options for unauthorized entry into America.

It eliminates many of the easier routes that outsiders use to avoid the checkpoints and bypass the security. They travel from far-off places and land up at the border. Texas and Mexico share a large portion of the border. Donald Trump wanted to build a “virtually impenetrable” wall.

It was an election promise, and he had said Mexico would finance it. That did not happen. His administration had to arrange the funds through alternate channels, including diverting money from the Pentagon and other government sources.

Cleaning up construction sites and closing gaps in the border wall

According to News Center Maine, the authorities have initiated action to clean up construction sites and close existing gaps in the wall. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will undertake the work. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirms this.

The exercise would cover areas in the jurisdiction of the Border Patrol in California, Arizona, and parts of Texas. The scope of work identified is installing drainage systems to prevent flooding, erosion control, and slope stabilization. There would also be the improvement of access roads and the removal of unwanted building materials.