Coronavirus has devastated businesses all over the world. It originated in China. Its latest variant is Omicron, and it is set to ruin the charms of Christmas for New York City.

Restaurants and businesses across the city are playing safe by announcing the closure of eating joints. Following SantaCon celebrations during the weekend, the number of cases reported was slightly higher than the record of the previous day.

That rang the alarm bells, and at least 50 restaurants have closed across the five boroughs in the city. One popular eaterie shut its doors after a customer tested positive for the virus.

He had dined there a few days back. There was also a restaurant employee who tested positive for the virus.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the surge Monday. He said the city would experience a “fast and temporary” spike in Covid cases. The authorities have increased the number of testing sites in the city. In May, the Mayor said New York City would reopen by July 1 post coronavirus. At the time, there was no Omicron around.

New York tightens rules for children and operagoers

There is awareness about the Covid-19 infection and the precautions needed to remain safe. Vaccines are now available, and New York has tightened the rules for children and operagoers: it is now mandatory for all kids aged 5 to 11 to show proof of receiving at least one dose of the vaccine.

Only then can they attend a show on Broadway. A vaccinated adult must also accompany them.

Those associated with the restaurant trade want to keep eateries and bars accessible to the public. The Mayor admitted that Covid means shutdowns, which are not good for business. Neither are restrictions. He also mentioned the actions taken by his administration to minimize the threats.

Christmas dinners in New York City might be at home

Closure of eating joints is a worry for those in New York City. Many of the New Yorkers might have to opt for Christmas dinners at home. That could be a way out for restaurants to bypass the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

An official of the National Restaurant Association explains: “The last few months have been difficult and chaotic for the restaurant industry.” The movie industry is also in a crisis with the cancellation of several popular Broadway plays due to the Covid outbreak.

Restaurants in New York City announce closure temporarily

Many restaurants in the city have taken to social media to announce temporary closures. This is because staff members either tested positive for Covid-19 or had exposure to the virus. Several restaurants and bars have taken similar action in view of a rise in the number of fresh Covid cases in New York City.

Restaurateurs admit they expect the number of shutdowns to grow. This would be the result when businesses try to shield employees and customers from infection. There have been similar shutdowns in other parts of the country as both the Delta and Omicron variants advance. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for businesses.

Obviously, the festive season would lose its charm. The entry of vaccines played a major role in bringing normalcy into people's lives. However, the new variants force businesses to rethink their strategies to remain visible.