The Biden administration is worried about the melting of Arctic ice. It is warming at a fast rate when compared to the rest of the world. That is a matter of concern. Therefore, the White House plans to reactivate the Arctic Executive Steering Committee. This is responsible for coordinating activities related to domestic regulations. It conducts its work along with other Arctic nations and plans to add some more members. They would include Indigenous Alaskans. David Balton would look after the work. He says the Arctic needs much more attention.

In his words, the new committee would examine all relevant issues and decide how to address the changes in the Arctic.

The Arctic needs protection against over-exploitation

David Balton cautions about overexploitation of the Arctic. His worries are tourism and shipping. These are on the rise and could lead to the entry of associated industries to set up infrastructure for the changed scenario. Hence, suitable regulations must be in place. He says: "And right now the nations and the peoples of the Arctic are scrambling to keep up with this change.” The committee deputy director is Raychelle Alauq Daniel, a Climate policy analyst who grew up in Alaska. Balton also cautions about the possible interference of superpowers.

Once more areas of the Arctic become ice-free, there would be the temptation for people to go after untapped resources like oil. It is important to preserve the Arctic. In July last year, the Arctic experienced a heatwave, and it is a clue of impending environmental problems.

White House focuses attention on the Arctic

President Joe Biden wants to revamp the U.S.

Arctic Research Commission. Some administration appointees of the Trump administration stepped down in early September. Biden has announced six new commissioners. It is an assorted group with members from different disciplines. They will be responsible for helping craft U.S. policy and research goals in the region. An action of this nature would go a long way to save the Arctic.

Moreover, to check global warming that causes ice to melt, the world has to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. The objective is to save the world.

The Arctic will get a new team to look after its welfare

A press release from the White House says the new team selected by Joe Biden will be a diverse and geographically connected body: One-third of them are Indigenous, half are women, and two-thirds belong to Alaska. The authorities realize that the Arctic has been neglected and wants to make amends. The new format has members from academic or research institutions, a private industry that carry out commercial activities in the area, and Indigenous residents. Obviously, decision-makers are keen to evolve mechanisms to save the ice and not open up the area to exploitation by vested interests. That could translate into an environmental disaster like starvation of wildlife and loss of their natural habitats.