Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States of America. He has been in office for 100 days and has tackled major issues with ease. It holds promises of an administration that would deliver. The BBC says he and his allies in Congress have passed a coronavirus relief package and are pursuing other important topics. Public opinion polls show positive results that put him ahead of his predecessor. Americans are impressed at his approach to governance. The immediate problems that face his administration pertain to coronavirus, economy, immigration, environment, foreign policy, and trade.

Coronavirus was the top priority for Joe Biden

This disease struck the world last year; the earlier administration failed to recognize the magnitude of the problem and did not assign any priority. The BBC mentions that when Biden took office, the death toll in America from Covid-19 was quite high. He, therefore, included this in his list of the first 100 days. There has been a drastic reduction in the numbers, thanks to an effective rollout of vaccines.

On the subject of economy, The BBC adds that coronavirus took a heavy toll on the economy. States implemented lockdowns to prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease. That devastated businesses and led to economic contraction. The administration had to divert government funds to ensure that the growth continued.

These funds went to meet the needs of different sectors of society to come out of the troubled times. There is a drop in unemployment as things stand, businesses are reopening, and the stock market is stabilizing.

The subject of immigration caught Biden by surprise

Joe Biden knew his challenges in the first 100 days would revolve around the coronavirus pandemic's public health and economic consequences.

However, the subject of immigration caught him and his team by surprise. The BBC says there was thinking among Central American migrants that the new administration would relax the norms about migrants trying to gain entry into the US from Mexico. The Biden administration would have to come up with an acceptable solution to this issue.

Biden and his outlook on the environment and foreign policy

The threat of climate change is a subject that the president sought to address soon after assuming charge. One of the first executive orders Joe Biden issued was on climate change. The BBC mentions that he wanted to introduce environmental policy reform. As a part of this exercise, he rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, which his predecessor had ignored. He also canceled the Keystone XL oil pipeline construction and pledged to cut US carbon emissions by 2030. He intends to reposition the US as a leader in global environmental policy.

When it comes to foreign policy, Biden expressed seriousness about the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The Trump presidency began the move. It had indicated a date for a negotiated pullout after two decades of US occupation. Biden wants the pullout of US troops from Afghanistan by September 11.

Joe Biden worried about reopening of schools and healthcare

According to CNN, Biden had set a target to get most schools open by the end of his first 100 days in office. Coronavirus had played havoc with the education system. Given the existing setup, it was difficult to have in place effective federal and even state-level guidance. During a town hall meeting of February 16, Biden clarified that by the end of his first 100 days, "the goal will be five days a week" of in-person instruction, especially for K-8 students.

The CDC relaxed certain coronavirus guidelines in March related to social distancing. That action has helped to accelerate the return to school for some.

Regarding healthcare, CNN explains that the Biden administration took necessary steps to reverse efforts by Trump to destroy the Democrats' landmark health care law. The intention is to ensure better options for Americans.