Those who love to be in the arms of nature make a beeline for Yosemite National Park. It is a favorite outdoor spot for visitors, but it suffered extensive winter storm damage. That led to the closure of the facility, and it is now ready to accept visitors. The reopening is with certain conditions. Visitors will have to make a reservation. It will apply to even those who would be passing through for the day. The authorities have described the move as a temporary measure. Apart from the storm damage, there are other factors like pandemic crowd concerns and the surge in traffic this season.

During the mid-to-late February period, there is a mad rush of people to capture the glorious view of the setting sun as it strikes Yosemite Valley's seasonal Horsetail Fall. In October 2018, a couple of tourists fell off a popular cliff edge in Yosemite National Park.

The requirement of the advance reservation will apply to all visitors at specified rates. An official explained that park traffic in February is less than that of summer. The park would examine several factors to decide on the number of daily visitors, and the system would remain in place until such time there is an improvement in the local public health conditions.

Last year's closure of Yosemite National Park was a pandemic safety measure

The park faced several closures from time to time last year. First, it was the threat of the pandemic and the contagious nature of the disease. That was from March to June. Later it was because of smoky air from the nearby Creek fire in Sierra National Forest.

That happened in September. Subsequently, the winter storm entered the scene, and the national park closed its doors again in January. The storm uprooted hundreds of trees that had to be removed. In January 2019, the shutdown devastated Joshua Tree National Park, and it could take 300 years to recover. Los Angeles Times adds that an official said the Yosemite park management feels the reservation system was a help to the rangers.

They could keep track of visitors and ensure less crowding at the popular park.

Portions of Yosemite National Park will be closed for a long time

Rangers have drawn up plans to reopen most of the park. It would include all of Yosemite Valley. However, the closure of the southern entrance on Wawona Road will be indefinite. Similarly, for some other areas. An official adds the closure of the southern entrance will last for weeks. The loss of three lives in US national parks was a fallout of the shutdown. Coronavirus has devastated the Travel and tourism sectors. Yosemite is no exception. Los Angeles Times quotes National Parks Services records that reveal a drastic drop in the number of visitors in 2020 than 2019.

The day-use reservation plan in the park system is unique to Yosemite. Other parks tried out something different.

Entry into Yosemite National Park restricted

Yosemite National Park offers various choices to the visitor. These include camping and lodging, wilderness exploration and tours, and prior reservation is necessary. This is because of the ongoing coronavirus. A post on a social networking site clarifies – "The temporary day-use reservation system will allow the park to manage visitation levels to reduce risks associated with exposure to COVID-19." This will help to keep track of visitors. Yosemite National Park's authorities have assigned priority to park visitors, employees, and partners' health and safety.

The reservation system depends on the number of vehicles that enter the park instead of individuals. Coronavirus in California is a matter of concern, and visitors have to maintain the basic requirements like wearing face cover, washing hands frequently, and maintaining a safe distance from others.