COVID-19 has taken more than 400,000 lives in the United States. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris undertook their first joint appearance in Washington D.C. to mark the loss. The venue of the ceremony was in front of the Lincoln Memorial. A total of 400 lights illuminated the Reflecting Pool to pay tribute to the 400,000-plus lives lost in the pandemic. It symbolized their determination to ring in changes in the tone of working of the Trump administration. The President-elect arrived directly from Joint Base Andrews. Other dignitaries present were the First Lady-in-waiting Jill Biden and Second Gentleman-in waiting for Doug Emhoff.

President Joe Biden said, "To heal we must remember. It's hard sometimes to remember. But that's how we heal.” He wanted people to shine the lights in the darkness between sundown and dusk along with the sacred pool. Vice President Kamala Harris also shared her thoughts. She said: “We gather tonight a nation in mourning to pay tribute to the lives we have lost.” She commented on the lack of seriousness on the Trump administration part and lamented about grieving by ourselves. However, the situation has changed, and the American people are now united in spirit. Gospel singer Yolanda Adams sang “Hallelujah.” There was another song, “Amazing Grace,” by a nurse of Michigan. The church was involved with Cardinal Wilton Gregory, the Catholic Archbishop of Washington, opening the ceremony.

It began with a prayer for those who died in the Coronavirus.

Joe Biden wants to set an example

At previous inaugurations, the Lincoln Memorial acted as a backdrop for celebratory affairs. In 2017, Donald Trump used it as a venue to host a concert. Before that, in 2009, Barack Obama also went in for a concert where thousands had come.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support the arts, but the scenario in 2021 was different. There were only police and National Guard troops visible. The streets were empty and fenced off around the National Mall. There was illumination in important buildings like the Empire State Building in New York City. Grief had, in short, unified America.

The battle against COVID-19 is a priority for Biden

The Lincoln Memorial's solemn ceremony set the tone for a new era in the battle against COVID-19. Joe Biden pledged to make coronavirus relief a top priority. He would take over charge amidst unprecedented security measures. Instead of the usual Inauguration Day crowds, there would be thousands of flags covering the National Mall. The death of 400,000 in coronavirus surpasses Americans' combined death in various wars like World War I, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Incidentally, the death toll in America due to the pandemic is the highest in the world. Donald Trump downplayed the threat. He also did not attach any importance to safety measures like face masks and lockdowns.

Moreover, he ignored the advice of scientific experts and expressed scant compassion for the victims. The President has a tough task on hand, and he has to the right many wrongs. There are reports that Joe Biden wants to issue executive orders on critical issues within the first 10 days in office.

Top concerns for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

According to Independent UK, COVID-19 is one of the top concerns for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Both of them have indicated the need to ensure vaccine distribution and curb the spread of coronavirus. These are in their list of priorities, along with economic recovery. The pandemic has devastated businesses and ruined lives. The new administration wants to evolve mechanisms to bring back normalcy.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris volunteered at food banks and urged Americans to participate in the Martin Luther King Day of National Service. They have the responsibility to undo many of the wrongs committed by the outgoing administration.