Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have increased across the United States. Including in Wyoming, where increased restrictions were recently implemented in the hopes of slowing the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Several prominent politicians have been among America's total of confirmed novel coronavirus cases. Diagnoses among governors include Oklahoma's Kevin Stitt, Missouri's Mike Parson, Virginia's Ralph Northam and Nevada's Steve Sisolak.

Mark Gordon of Wyoming tests positive for COVID-19

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has been diagnosed with COVID-19, reports MSN.

He had begun showing symptoms recently and underwent testing. A positive result reportedly came back on November 25.

According to The Hill, Gordon plans to work remotely. A plan that likely sounds familiar to many Americans at this point. And probably also to many citizens of countries around the world.

Around a week before, Gordon had given the go-ahead for stricter novel coronavirus-related restrictions. Including new limits on both indoor and outdoor gatherings. However, a mask mandate was not included in the new restrictions. This means that Wyoming remains one of a select few states that still don't have one.

Gordon was elected governor in 2018

A Republican, Mark Gordon won the Wyoming governor's race in 2018.

He finished ahead of the Democratic nominee Mary Throne by a significant margin. Throne is a former minority leader of the Wyoming House of Representatives. The previous Governor Matt Mead, also a Republican, had been term-limited and could not run again for re-election.

Mead had appointed Gordon as treasurer of Wyoming in 2012.

The position is normally elected by the public. However, the sitting Treasurer Joseph Meyer, another Republican, passed away of lung cancer before the completion of his term. It was Meyer's second term in the office. Gordon would finish Meyer's term and then be elected in his own right to a full term in 2014.

In 2008, Mark Gordon ran in the Republican primary for Wyoming's sole seat in the U.S.

House of Representatives. He would lose to Cynthia Lummis. A former state treasurer, state senator and state representative. Lummis would win the general election and has since been elected to the United States Senate.

Gordon was born in New York City. His parents were ranchers from Kaycee in central Wyoming. Gordon would graduate from Middlebury College in Vermont. Afterward, he began working on the family ranch, as well as following his own pursuits.

Gordon met Sarah Hildreth Gilmore, who would be his first wife, at Middlebury. She died in 1993. He later married Jennie Muir. Between the two marriages, he has four children.