Missouri has, at various times, been a particular point of emphasis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially because of things like videos of large groups frolicking in the Ozarks bunched together.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases and deaths have been recently spiking in the state. Much like other regions, reasons for this in Missouri can include school re-openings and changing weather. Two of the new confirmed cases are of particular note.

Parson, wife test positive

On September 23, ABC reports that Missouri First Lady Teresa Parson tested positive for COVID-19.

She had begun displaying symptoms, including nasal congestion and coughing.

After his wife's test came back positive, Governor Parson was also tested, according to CNN. And his test, too, came back positive. With that, Parson became at least the second sitting governor of a U.S. state confirmed to have COVID-19. The first was Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also tested positive at one point. But since then, it's become widely accepted that the result was a false positive. At least three active lieutenant governors in the United States have also contracted the novel Coronavirus.'

The Parsons have gone into quarantine. In a video message, the governor stated that he was planning to continue working from home.

It's not known when either Parson developed COVID-19. But it's worth noting that just days ago, Governor Parson was photographed with four other high-ranking state officials. Missouri's lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasurer, and attorney general. At least three of them have tested negative in the days since the photograph.

The fourth apparently feels he wasn't close enough to either Parson to have given or received the novel coronavirus.

Mike Parson has been the governor since 2018

A Republican, Mike Parson, ascended to the Governorship in 2018. It came after the resignation of Governor Eric Greitens.

Parson had been elected the lieutenant governor in 2016.

He defeated Democrat Russ Carnahan, a former U.S. representative, in the general election.

Before going into politics, Parson served in the U.S. Army, reaching the rank of sergeant. Afterward, he became a sheriff's deputy in Hickory County in central Missouri. Eventually, he transferred to the Sheriff's Office in neighboring Polk County.

Parson eventually became the Polk County sheriff, serving for more than a decade. In 2004, he was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives. After being re-elected twice, he won a seat in the Missouri Senate. Parson would win a second term in the Senate before his election as the lieutenant governor. He had initially announced that he was running for governor before changing course.