Some of the highest-ranking officials in the United States have been contacting COVID-19. Much of it comes after a much-discussed gathering at the White House, leading many to conclude that the novel Coronavirus was probably spread there.

A vast list of people who were there have been confirmed to have COVID-19. But it seems to go beyond that. As it tends to happen with viruses, many people with whom they met have also gotten COVID-19, including top military leaders and Congress members.

Carbajal tests positive for the novel coronavirus

U.S. Representative Salud Carbajal has joined the ranks of U.S.

Congress members known to have developed COVID-19. The number has become increasingly higher. It includes members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Republicans and Democrats alike.

It is important to note that the California Democrat was not at the White House during the particular event. However, The Hill reports that Carbajal met with U.S. Senator Mike Lee 'a couple of times' since. Lee was in attendance and has gone on to test positive for COVID-19. According to Politico, both Carbajal and Lee reside in the same building.

Carbajal indicated that he planned to continue working on a remote basis. He also said 'the vast majority' of staffers who work for him hadn't recently met with him in-person.

The ones who had were set to get tested themselves.

Carbajal emigrated to the United States from Mexico

Salud Carbajal was born in Moroleon in central Mexico. He and his family later moved to the United States. At first, to Arizona before settling in Oxnard in southeastern California. As an adult, Carbajal served in the U.S.

Marine Corps. His military career included serving during the Gulf War.

He would graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor's degree. Later, he obtained a master's degree from Fielding Graduate University in the field of organizational management.

Carbajal would become a member of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, representing the body's First District.

He was first elected in 2004. Later, he'd be re-elected twice.

Lois Capps long-held California's seat from the 24th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2015, Capps announced her intention to retire. The next year, Carbajal won the seat. His closest competitor was Republican Justin Fareed.

He later won the seat again in 2018. It was again with Fareed as the runner-up. Carbajal has been named the vice-chair of the House Committee on Transporation and Infrastructure. He also sits on the Committees on Armed Services and Agriculture.