In another two weeks’ time, the US will get to know who will be the White House's next occupant. The election is against the backdrop of COVID-19, and the two contenders are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The former wants a second term in office, and Joe Biden, the former vice-president to Barack Obama, wants to deny him that. indicates Biden has a lead over Trump, especially in pivotal states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. However, Trump has his eyes on Nevada and wants to win it over. Last time around in 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton won it, and Trump wants to reverse that.

The website mentions Biden enjoys a 5.2 percentage point lead over Trump in the state.

USA Today says President Donald Trump is trailing in a number of polls. He has launched a week of campaign rallies. There is also the final debate, and his main political strategy appears to be to attack his opponent. He labeled Biden as belonging to a “failed and corrupt political class.“

Instead of talking about his record at the White House, Trump spoke about Biden to his supporters at a rally in Carson City, Nevada. He claimed that Biden and his son had business interests in other countries but did not provide any authentic evidence.

Joe Biden appears to have an edge in the election

The Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden points out that Donald Trump is reluctant to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent breakdown of the economy.

On the subject of the pandemic, a spokesman of Biden said Trump ignored the advice of the scientific community, and "now new coronavirus cases are surging, and layoffs are rising."

USA Today adds that Biden feels the election is a "battle for the soul of the nation." He went to Twitter and said - "The forces of darkness, the forces of division, the forces of yesterday are pulling us apart, holding us down, and holding us back.

We must free ourselves of all of them."

Last month, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden were in Minnesota as early voting started.

Donald Trump eyes election in three swing states

In the last lap of the White House journey, Donald Trump has plans to hold rallies this week in three swing states. He would like to make a positive dent in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

USA Today reveals that the Carson City rally went on for nearly 90 minutes. He began the day with a visit to a church in Las Vegas, and later there was a fundraiser in southern California. In the course of his speech in Carson City, he appealed to suburban women voters.

Some fellow Republicans criticized him, and his message to them was - "The Republicans have to stick together better." In August, there was news that Trump wanted to delay the election to counter fraud in case of postal voting.

He was diagnosed with COVID-19, and after a brief stay in the hospital, he is now safe.

Democrats not taking any chance in the election

According to Sky News, the Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden is ahead in the polls, but he does not want to take any chance. He is aware of the situation and made it clear to supporters in North Carolina. In his words - "The very soul of our nation is at stake. Folks, as my coach used to say in college, it's go time. It's the most important election in our lifetimes." He knows the result of being complacent. It happened in 2016 in the case of Hillary Clinton. She was ahead of her rival Donald Trump even two weeks ago, but things did not happen the way she and her party wanted.

With November 3 round the corner, both campaigns are ramping up. It seems Barack Obama could enter the scene to have his say. His memoir will release two weeks after the US presidential election. The memoir of Michelle "Becoming" is already released and is a best seller.